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The Law Office of James R. Border, P.A. advises global businesses across multiple industries on a wide range of domestic and international tax matters. Recognized as a leader in the international tax field, founding attorney James (Jim) Border is well-versed in U.S. tax laws, finance and international tax treaties and requirements. Jim draws on his background as a CPA, corporate executive and tax attorney to provide business clients worldwide with strategic advice and counsel. From tax planning to resolving tax disputes to risk management and compliance issues, your business needs the sophisticated representation and dependable service the Law Office of James R. Border provides.

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Pragmatic Counsel

As a former chief tax officer and internal tax counsel for Fortune 500 and other companies, Jim Border brings an awareness and sensitivity to the constraints all finance and tax officers face.  Tax advice can not exist in a vacuum and non-tax considerations, operational constraints, the cost of implementation, availability of supporting systems, litigation risk, reputational risk and other factors should all be considered where appropriate.  As tax laws throughout the world change constantly, trends must be considered and planning has to be adaptable.

As a result of this unique perspective and diverse skill set, Jim’s engagement with many clients is regular and ongoing, providing problem-avoidance advice regularly, minimizing problems that do arise and minimizing overall costs.  Jim approaches every engagement as a partner in the success of your business.

Managing Your International Tax Liabilities

The Law Office of James Border, P.A.  provides international tax planning services to U.S. businesses with operations in other countries as well as international businesses with U.S. tax-reporting requirements and tax liabilities. Whether your business is grappling with international tax law issues or involved in a complex dispute, you need a strategy to minimize your exposure.

By working with a highly adept tax attorney, you will have the confidence to engage in global markets knowing that your interests will be protected. Jim offers business clients a full spectrum of international and corporate tax planning services with the goal of maximizing cash flow and minimizing costs.   

Jim has a well-earned reputation for seeing trends in the globalization of income tax and proactively advises clients to avoid controversies and/or minimize risk. He has a proven history of providing comprehensive risk evaluations and helping clients implement strategies to mitigate their tax exposure.

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The Experienced Choice in International Tax Law

As the global marketplace expands, the U.S. and foreign governments are stepping up enforcement efforts in such areas as anti-money laundering, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), and foreign bank account reporting. Because the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) aggressively pursues tax law violations arising from foreign activities and offshore accounts through civil audits and criminal investigations, it is crucial to ensure that adequate regulatory and compliance programs are in place.

As a corporate executive, Jim created planning and compliance departments, developed compliance and administrative systems, he also established corporate governance policies, ethical procedures, and devised technical positions that have now become widely accepted in the area of systems and management, his services include:

  • Tax planning, compliance and provision system review
  • Tax department management and decision making

When you become his client, he will assess your offshore business operations to identify potential regulatory risks and make recommendations for proactive measures so that your business can avoid tax disputes.

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U.S. Domestic Tax Law Attorney

Being a leader in the international tax field also requires having a working knowledge of U.S. domestic tax law. The Law Office of James R. Border, P.A. regularly assists business clients with their most pressing state and federal tax matters. Given the sweeping enforcement powers of the IRS, businesses are at a disadvantage as it relates to audits and tax controversies. Jim has the knowledge and experience to level the playing field and will work closely with you to protect your interests. Jim provides a wide range of services to domestic and foreign businesses including federal and state tax planning and controversies, multi-state payroll, sales and income taxes and non-profit organization advice and planning.

It is crucial to have a well-conceived strategy to navigate legal and regulatory roadblocks to your business objectives. By collaborating with a respected network of financial professionals and accountants, Jim will work with you to mitigate your corporate tax exposure. Above all, he adheres to the highest ethical standards and is committed to providing you with informed representation on domestic tax matters.

Systems & Management

As a corporate tax executive for two Fortune 500 companies and a former chief tax officer, Jim has been responsible for the original structure of new tax departments and the review of existing departments.  He is available to consult on structural changes to alleviate existing pressure points and facilitate efficient operations.

Throughout the world there are many highly qualified tax practitioners with intimate knowledge of their home jurisdiction tax laws and they are critical to your success.  In addressing cross-border issues what is often missing is the knowledge and experience to coordinate local efforts, identify and resolve tax law conflicts, and manage local experts to achieve the best result cost-efficiently.  Those efforts can be on individual projects or as an ongoing technical resource to your existing tax department. 

If you are implementing new systems, Jim can provide technical advice, tempered by practical experience in the implementation of tax compliance, sales order entry/sales tax, value added tax and other systems.  In addition, he can assist with the establishment and review of tax-related Sarbanes-Oxley controls.

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Contact a Premier International Tax Lawyer

The global marketplace offers businesses in the U.S. and throughout the world tremendous opportunities. As technological advances further connect international markets, the globalization of income tax will continue to be a challenge. If you are looking to capitalize on cross border transactions in the present environment, it is imperative to have the advice and guidance of an experienced international tax lawyer. 

Jim is a highly regarded CPA and tax law attorney. Throughout his career, he has been extensively involved in a variety of tax-related legislative matters and regularly speaks at forums on international tax matters. His comprehensive knowledge of the applicable tax laws in numerous jurisdictions is well known among his peers and clients alike. For over 40 years, Jim has helped businesses navigate tax treaties and international tax laws and avoid tax disputes and controversies. Contact our office today to speak with an esteemed tax law attorney in confidence.

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